Completed the construction of the butterfly style training classroom
Language reading Rukai the county won the first race, second and third
Second in the English county Singing Competition
One school, two instruments (guitar * recorder)
Zero dropouts

Zhong Zhihua, director won the National Award for Teachers
Huang shu chou the State Teacher Excellence in Teaching in Kaohsiung County
The only science competition in the top three county for four consecutive years
Digital teaching resources, first in the county contest
Short impression of the natural life of first place in the Selection
The first county executive education priority area
Indigenous Languages contest consecutive top three county arranged
FSC fiscal first place in competition
The county signed the contest second in the Environmental Protection
Students to obtain Kaohsiung Girls senior high school


1. Ministry of Education awarded the Gold Medal for Teaching Excellence Excellence
2.First place in the county of digital teaching resources
3.School Science Exhibition 49th group of junior second group
4. English Singing Contest Qishan area first, fourth county
5. Rukai county first language speech, the fourth country
6. Excellent friendly campus
7.National Indigenous Languages Certification highest score Rukai